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About Sweet Cali Candy

Sweet Cali was established in 2014. We create delicious and consistent edibles that are enjoyable to consume.

Our goal is to provide California MMJ patients with the highest quality, handcrafted edibles that range in dosing so you can find a product that works best for your needs.

We work with expert California cannabis cultivators that use pesticide-free methods, and test our products at certified analytics laboratories. After seeing firsthand how THC & CBD has helped conditions such as Crohn’s Disease, Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, Glaucoma, Anxiety and many other life impairing conditions – helping people with a safe and natural solution became our passion.

Our candies are made in small batches so that we can ensure the potency, quality and consistency of every piece we make.

Our product line was made to appeal to all different types of patients with various allergies and lifestyle needs. We specialize in small, discreet and delicious candies that make medicating more of an enjoyable experience for the daily user.

All of our products have been lab tested and patient approved.

*Sweet Cali – A Premium Experience*

Why Sweet Cali ?

Gluten Free & Organic Sugars

At Sweet Cali we believe that eating fresh and clean are the keys to living a healthy and balanced life. With that said, we all have a Sweet tooth! Our Gluten free, Artisan style medicated edible is a tasty choice for great relief. We offer a wide range of low & high dosage edibles in all kinds of flavors, with a selection that are Gluten free and Vegan substitutable. We are a creative and open-minded team that would love to try any ideas you may have as well. Please contact us for details of a full Menu with Vegan and gluten free items.  

Smoke Free

Ingesting is the healthier, more effective alternative to smoking cannabis. Anything going through the stomach goes through the liver first, before it gets into the blood. This process is called first-pass metabolism. Cannabis absorbed through the lungs goes straight to the brain, but is only metabolized by the liver on the second pass. When the liver metabolizes delta-9 THC to 11-hydroxy THC, patients feel the “combined effect of the two.” And for those of you transitioning from smoking to edibles or trying edibles for the first time, remember – you can always add a dose rather than taking a double dose and getting too much.

Delicious Taste

Every single day we strive to become better artisan creators & believe that we are only getting better! Our super strength flavoring is a perfect recipe builder for whatever flavor combinations you want to try.  After all, why should your edible not be exactly what you desire. Our custom flavoring is measured to perfection for all of our products including caramels, candies & chocolates.”


Super strong – or – Just right and tame? We can make whatever medication level you want to whatever strength is desired. Our menu has a wide array of various edibles with a multitude of strengths. We cater mainly to the cancer patients who like a mild dosage & want a long lasting effect. The Sweet Cali canna butter & coconut oils are produced with the utmost care and to perfection. All of our units and products will have California approved labels with dosages on them to clearly identify what is in each piece of medication. 

Lab Tested

We have Quarterly tests done on our canna products. We have several dependable labs use to give us accurate accounts of our dosages. We test all our canna products for impurities & potency to assure you only receive the top shelf edible you desire. For details on lab testing and policy standards, along with patient verification, please contact us. Our philosophy is, the more information about your medication you have the better. 

Vegan & Custom

Most of the artisan creators of our delicious recipes live on the heather side of life. They have whipped up some amazing vegan gluten free recipes as well as some sugar free options. If you feel you want to have a certain type of edible we can cater to that as well. Depending on the patient’s wants or needs for their dietary need, we use all natural high clarified coconut Canna oil or Pure Canna Ghee. We look forward to helping you receive a better edible experience than before.





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READ what our patients are saying about SWEET CALI CARAMAEL.

– Marcus W. - Venice Beach


“Sweet Cali’s caramels and hard candies are the first edibles I could consistently know what dose I was taking!!! I highly recommend them, great mild canna taste and super strong quad dose.”

– Marcus W. - Venice BeachSweet Cali Patient
– Richard L. - Los Angeles


 “I try all sorts of edibles throughout LA, and let me tell you . I make sure to always tell other patients about sweet cali because if they haven’t had an edible experience before they have they best set up for new and veteran patients. A Variety and great controlled dosages, with lab testing consistent results. I LOVE Sweet cali – go follow on instagram” 

– Richard L. - Los AngelesSweet Cali Patient
– Vanessa S. - Santa Monica

Try it

“Tried SC for the first time about 2 months ago……..They now have a lifetime customer in me!!”

– Vanessa S. - Santa MonicaSweet Cali Patient
– Julian N. - Pomona


“Amazing taste and excellent potency!! The consistency is incredible!!!”

– Julian N. - Pomona Sweet Cali Patient
– Roger A. - West LA


“My tolerance is absolutely off the charts, so most edibles have little to no effect on me. But just one of these Sweet Cali Caramels was enough to get me nice and baked, and the flavor is unbeatable.”  

– Roger A. - West LASweet Cali Patient
– Lisa T. - Burbank


“Although I prefer edibles, I often dislike the taste. Until I discovered Sweet Cali’s hard candy / soft caramel mixes, and now I’m hooked.” 

– Lisa T. - Burbank Sweet Cali Patient
– Brian C. - Sacramento

Best in SoCal

P“As far as I am concerned, Sweet Cali has the tastiest and most potent edibles in Southern California. Period.”

– Brian C. - SacramentoSweet Cali Patient
– Anthony G. - Santa Barbra


“Sweet Cali’s edibles are the best way to get high. Just one of their hard candies went straight to my head like I just smoked a massive joint.” Anthony G. 

– Anthony G. - Santa BarbraSweet Cali Patient
– Missy H. - LA Hollywood


“I don’t smoke much anymore, so I thought about trying edibles. The problem is that I’m also a vegan and can’t eat many company’s products. But Sweet Cali offers a wide selection of vegan options that are absolutely delicious. Ounce we found out about their customize options we were hooked!”

– Missy H. - LA HollywoodSweet Cali Patient
– Jennifer N. - Santa Monica


“If you’re a person who likes edibles, you have to try Sweet Cali’s lollipops. They’re out of this world. I have had a lot of other brands, but theirs taste strong and lasts.”

– Jennifer N. - Santa Monica Sweet Cali Patient
– Rissa V. - East LA

Tasty Selection

“Do you prefer edibles to smoking, but dislike the taste of weed butter? Then look no further, Sweet Cali has the most delectable candies around, with barely any hint of canna butter. And I like it when a company spends time on proper packaging & effort on making it look good, we eat with out eyes first.”

– Rissa V. - East LASweet Cali Patient
– Aaron L. - Lake Elsinore


“Be careful… these edibles are so tasty you may eat too many of them once, they kick in really strong. I don’t normally like edibles, in my area we don’t have a lot of great brands. When I saw Sweet CA I knew I had to try it, and i am very glad I did.”

– Aaron L. - Lake ElsinoreSweet Cali Patient
– Charlie M. - Pomona

Tasty & Strong

“Searching for an edible that is both strong and yummy? Sweet Cali makes the best candy that I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. I had a hint of canna butter which i don’t mind toward the middle but the strong flavoring was super tasty. As a smoker my taste buds are off most of the time, most edibles taste weird to me but these tasted amazing.”

– Charlie M. - Pomona Sweet Cali Patient
– Mike P. - Westwood


“Finally a brand I can trust!!! I see so many new products and edibles, these are solid tasty & work consistently ever time ! use them i have a great experiance.”

– Mike P. - WestwoodSweet Cali Patient

If you would like to submit your own Sweet Cali testimonial, click here.

IMG_4106IMG_4112Sweet Cali Caramel


Questions or comments? We would love to hear from you.
Our email is info@sweetcali.com

Thank you for your interest in Sweet Cali. Before we can sell our delicious products to you we will need some documentation to confirm your status as a non-profit organization and validate you as a member.
Our organization deals strictly with mutual benefit non-profit organizations. Unfortunately, we do not offer our products directly to patients. In order to become a member we will need the following documentation:
- Articles of - Incorporation (Non-Profit Mutual Benefit)
- CA Seller's Permit
- CA Driver's License
- Doctor's Recommendation for Medicinal Cannabis
All documentation must be sent via email to info@sweetcali.com Once the documentation has been validated we will provide info on pricing and terms.






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